Skill Trek Express E-Kit {Autumn Skills} Level J {Multi-Media/PDF Download} (About age 14)

Bring Skill Trek into your home and teach your Cragsman new skills this autumn. 

This E-Kit includes the following skills:  

  • Lighting a Fire in the Wilderness (Outdoor Survival)
  • CPR Training
  • Using a Map
  • Buy Clothing According to a Budget
  • How to Sharpen a Knife
  • Two-Cycle Fuel Mixing
  • Columbus Day

This Skill Trek Express E-Kit includes:

  • Level J Core Skills delivered through printable PDFs
  • 2 Bonus Skills delivered through printable PDFs
  • 1 Current Event/Topical Skill delivered through printable PDF
  • Multi-media lessons, complete with video
  • Printable nugget stickers your Trekkers can earn as they gain new skills (not all printers will print these stickers, please check with your manufacturer Our template works with Avery 22817).
  • Printable nugget board for tracking progress
  • Undated October and November Calendar to keep up with goals
  • A bonus activity

Due to the digital nature of this e-kit, please be sure to read our refund policy.

By purchasing any Skill Trek curriculum product, you agree to our parent/guardian responsibility requirement. 

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