Group License Trailblazer Winter Skill Collection {Digital}

Bring Skill Trek into your co-op, school, or group. 

This Digital E-Curriculum includes the following skills: 

  • Telling Time With a Digital Clock
  • How to Play Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Help to Gather Laundry
  • Please and Thank You 
  • Clean Your Ears
  • Stranger Danger
  • Folding and Tearing Paper
  • Elevators and Escalators
  • Baby Safety
  • Using a Pair of Compasses
  • Coughs and Sneezes
  • Alphabetical Organization
  • Cleaning Up Afterwards
  • Make a Sandwich
  • A House Fire
  • Not Interrupting When Others Are Talking
  • Heat a Baby's Bottle
  • Sweeping
  • Making Juice From Concentrate
  • Using the Bathroom Before Leaving the House 
  • Empty the Trashcan
  • Answering the Phone 
  • Using a Screw Driver
  • Receive a Small Allowance
  • How to Make a 911 Call
  • Use the Vacuum Cleaner
  • Build a Snowman
  • Use a Hula Hoop
  • Trying New Foods
  • Boiling Water
  • Preparing a Hot Beverage
  • Feed a Baby a Bottle
  • Write a Thank-You Note
  • Bowling Without Bumper Bars
  • Handling Money and Giving Change
  • Take Your Own Temperature
  • Peeling Veggies
  • Winning and Losing With Grace
  • Earrings--Staying Healthy and Looking Good
  • How to Deal with a Nose Bleed
  • Hannukah
  • Valentine's Day
  • Multi-media lessons, complete with video
  • Printable nugget stickers your Trekkers can earn as they gain new skills (not all printers will print these stickers, please check with your manufacturer Our template works with Avery 22817).
  • Printable nugget board for tracking progress
  • Undated November through March calendar to keep up with goals
  • Bonus activities and games
  • Full copyright release for your co-op, group, or school

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